Sean Smith's Fundraising Page

Race Details

Event: 36th Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 2012

Description: The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic is a fun paddle to raise funds for medical research.  The 2011 major beneficary is The Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation.

Start: 27th October, 2012 4:00pm

About Our Charity

The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Association Inc. raises funds for medical research. The major beneficiary is The Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation. This charity provides research for leukaemia research, and other blood diseases. They also offer a number of patient support for people undergoing leukaemia treatment.

My Message

"Team Fat Paddler - Back in 2012!

Bigger, better and faster, TFP in 2012 are returning en masse and with a fleet of faster, louder and brighter boats. Staying true to the mantra of "Putting the fun back into the Classic", we'll be out there having a laugh and enjoying the physical and mental trial that is the HCC whilst raising money for the incredible work of the Arrow Foundation."

Fundraising Details

Total Donations: $3532 of $3000

Canoe Details

Stellar SR, Mens 40+, Brooklyn or Bust, Brooklyn or Bust 1 (Leader)

Other Crew

No other paddlers specified.

Donation History

Name Date Amount Comment
Toby Cox 29/10/12 $25 well done
Les Kostoglou 26/10/12 $20 Be Unstoppable
Maria Ipson 26/10/12 $25  
George Carvin 26/10/12 $50 All the best Sean
Stevan Premutico 26/10/12 $30 Book restaurants!
Craig Hines 26/10/12 $111 A great cause to support. All the best to TFP and to the TFP support group. "NO. SLEEP. TILL BROOKLYN "
Laura Boon 26/10/12 $20 Good luck Sean. With all the practice you're getting, it should be easier every year :)
Paul Sharman 25/10/12 $20 Wish I could be there. Go TFP. Here's to a great cause.
Alfred Lo 25/10/12 $100  
Stellar Ocean Skis 24/10/12 $100 Will be thinking of you on Sat Night.
Cassandra Portner 24/10/12 $20 Go FP!
Davo 22/10/12 $111 Go hard fella!
Fiona Morrisson 22/10/12 $158 Love you -- and a nice round number! X
Tangaroa 21/10/12 $50  
Ned Stephenson 21/10/12 $111 Stroke hard and slow!
Badger Paddles 20/10/12 $25 No sleep 'til Brooklyn!!! Good luck and safe paddling to you, Team Fat Paddler and all those who are entered in the HCC!!!
Tom Marland 19/10/12 $25 Beat Nat
Elizabeth Williams 19/10/12 $25 GO TFP!
The Stadium - Rob R 19/10/12 $50 M.F.F.M
Ted Barras 18/10/12 $25 Good Luck, Sean
John Langelaan 18/10/12 $25 It's a wonderful thing you are doing.
Simon Etchells 17/10/12 $50 Good luck mate
Freddy 17/10/12 $20 Sorry can put much. I am currently enjoying the romantique notion of Entrepreneurship, see la boheme for details :)
Marcus Crowley 16/10/12 $50 Good luck, Fat Paddler! A very good cause.
Mark Moran 16/10/12 $50 Make it back alive!
Rebecca Smith 14/10/12 $111 No sleep till Brooklyn! I love you xxx
Charlie Bear 13/10/12 $100 Woof!
Rachel & Simon 13/10/12 $111 Good luck from Simon & Rachel Crawford!
Brett & Naomi 09/10/12 $100 Lets see how much we can raise:-)
Sean Rudder 09/10/12 $50 Great cause. Keep up the fight! Good luck for the race mate...
John 09/10/12 $50 Good luck Sean. Might have to give the Hawkesbury a go myself sometime.
Justin Stubbs 08/10/12 $20 God knows what $20 is in UK... but good luck TFP.
Kathy Molloy 08/10/12 $50 Good Luck Sean. May the tides be with you! Don't stop for prawns in Brooklyn on the way home!
Elizabeth Linklater 06/10/12 $100 All the best and what a wonderful cause
Charles Haberlein 06/10/12 $25 Go, FP! Go!!
Stanley Tseng 06/10/12 $50 Go go Sean!
John Whitbeck 05/10/12 $100 Good on ya Sean!
Ella Smith 20/09/12 $111 I love you Daddy!!!
Gracie Smith 20/09/12 $111 Love you daddy! Beat Nat! 20/09/12 $40 Donation from Lauren Capill, Ontario Canada. Thx Lauren! 15/09/12 $250 Thanks all who purchased Fat Paddler stickers. 100% of money raised was donated.
Andrew Mathers 11/09/12 $25  
Marc Manion 11/09/12 $200 Maybe next year you will have an apprentice!
Richard Cooke 06/09/12 $111 Good Luck Team Fat Paddler
Avis Hartle 01/09/12 $111  
Craig Shirtcliff 29/08/12 $50 Go for Sean its a good cause
Darryl King 28/08/12 $50 Go the FAT!!
Jean 28/08/12 $25 Good luck!
Sean Smith 30/07/12 $285 Funds raised by Lane Cove River Kayak Club via book sales of The Fat Paddler
Total   $3532