29 OCTOBER 2016
NEWSLETTER – October #2

Good luck !

We look like having 500 paddlers taking part in this year’s 111km Classic and the 65km Wisemans Dash, a great result in this 40th year of the event.
Remember that the “Registration Tent” opens at 10.00am and closes at 2.15pm so make sure you go straight to registration when you arrive at Macquarie Park. Get there early and you will have plenty of time to relax and make preparations for the night ahead.
You will need to have either paid your minimum $200 (hopefully more) fundraising or be able to pay your fundraising at that time. Juniors must raise $100
NB : It would help speed the registration process if paddlers could please pay their fundraising online prior to Saturday.
Once through the registration process head straight over to scrutineering with your boat, your life jacket and all your mandatory safety gear.
In relation to those with raffle tickets to hand in could we please ask that you hand in notes only. No coins please.
The MANDATORY briefing for all paddlers AND landcrew is at 2.45pm
Enjoy the night and be sure to talk to your fellow paddlers on the river and to sing out “thank you” to the volunteers on the checkpoints who are giving up their precious weekend so that we sane people can paddle down the Hawkesbury River at night !!

Program for START

10am Registration opens ( Closes 2.15pm )
10am Scrutineering opens ( Closes 2.30pm )
1pm First Aid / Physio opens
2:15pm Registration closes
2:30pm Scrutineering closes

Event Briefing – Mandatory for all paddlers and land-crew. 

***Paddlers in the 4.00pm and 4.15pm starts should come to the briefing dressed in their paddling gear and ready to proceed direct to the marshalling area and then onto the water

3:30pm Marshalling







2016 Start Times (amended)

***Please be aware that we have re-jigged some of the starting times so as to “even-out” the number of craft in each start time.

Category Start Time
Dragon Boats & Outrigger 6 16:00 (4pm)
Brooklyn or Bust 1 16:15 (4:15pm)
All women’s racing classes,
Plus: C1, C2, TC1, TC2, TK1, TK2 and SUP’s racing classes 
Plus: all Junior paddlers
16:30 (4:30pm)
Brooklyn or Bust 2 and Wisemans Dash 16:45 (4:45pm)
All other Racing Classes 17:00 (5pm)

Paddler Safety

Paddler safety is the number one priority for organisers of the Classic and Dash as well as for all paddlers in the event(s). If you see a paddler over to the side of the river simply call out and make sure that they are OK. If you think a paddler is struggling, then try to remember their number and let the volunteers on the next checkpoint know so that they can keep an eye out for them and if the need arises send a chase-boat out to look for them.
Please remember that it is the paddler's responsibility to ensure that the checkpoint personnel have heard your number when you go past them. If there are a number of craft going past a checkpoint at the one time please be patient and ensure your number has been recorded.
It is mandatory that you call your number at checkpoints. There is an “IN” and an “OUT” gate at both Sackville (Checkpoint “D”) and at Wisemans Ferry (Checkpoint “I”). Obviously paddlers in the Wisemans Dash will only pass the “IN” gate.


Abbey Digital Photography

We will again have John Liversage from Abbey Digital www.abbeydigital.com.au as our official photographer this year.
John will be taking photos at the START and then progressing down the river overnight to FINISH at Brooklyn.
Photos will be available online after the event.
If you would like to have a look at photos from last year please go to http://abbeydigital.com.au/index151024HC5.htm
If you get some good photos on the night please send them to us at info@canoesclassic.asn.au  

Acknowledge your Land-crew…“Teabag Award”

Your land-crew works as hard as you do on the day / night / day of the Classic and Dash and they deserve recognition. Each year, the prestigious “Teabag Award” goes to the landcrew who performs over and above the call of duty. To allow us to acknowledge your fantastic landcrew we need you to tell us about their deeds. As soon as possible after the event please email us at info@canoeclassic.asn.au and let us know why they deserve this award. Nominations close on Saturday 12 November 2016.
The award is announced at the Presentation Dinner to be held at North Ryde RSL Club on Saturday 19th November. 

Volunteer of the Year – Bruce McLean Trophy

Each year we recognise either one individual or a group of volunteers who have assisted paddlers or landcrew during the Classic or the Wisemans Dash through the awarding of The Bruce McLean Memorial Trophy. There is no restriction on the number of entries, however each entry must meet all of the selection criteria. All nominations must be in writing (500 words or less) detailing the volunteer’s outstanding efforts and include his / her / the group’s name. Only paddlers and landcrews can nominate a volunteer for this award.
Please your entry send by email to : info@canoeclassic.asn.au  
Nominations close Saturday, 12 November, 2016