NEWSLETTER – September # 2

……………Early-bird entries close 1st October

Please get your entries in as soon as possible at  111km Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and the 65km Wisemans Dash

Please enter now to ensure your place in what is expected to be a record field and encourage your friends to also enter as soon as possible.

Go to www.canoeclassic.asn.au and have your credit card ready to pay the entry fee.

Early-bird entries close on Saturday 1st October 2016. After that date the entry fee increases to $200 !

Start Times

HCC organisers approached Roads and Maritime Services seeking to bring forward the “Start” times for this year’s Classic and Wisemans Dash by 1 hour (i.e. first Start at 3.00pm)

Unfortunately, this request was not granted and we have reverted to the 4.00pm “first Start”.

Therefore “Start” times will be as follows;
Category Start Time
Dragon Boats & Outrigger 6 16:00 (4pm)
Brooklyn or Bust 1 16:15 (4:15pm)
Women, Canadians, SUP and Wisemans Dash 16:30 (4:30pm)
Brooklyn or Bust 2 16:45 (4:45pm)

All Racing Classes

17:00 (5pm)


How is your fundraising going ?
Each paddler in the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic and the Wisemans Dash must raise a minimum of $200 ($100 for Juniors) but please remember that is just a minimum. We are looking to raise a record $400,000 this year to celebrate the 40th year of the Classic.
There is an old adage that “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”.  This is so very true when it comes to raising money for a very good cause such as supporting the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation. Ask your friends, workmates, Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, suppliers, competitors etc etc to support you.
Making sure that you have entered the event, tell them to go to http://www.canoeclassic.asn.au/my/races/donate?eid=1160 , type in your surname and follow the prompts. An official receipt will be generated online.
Our leading fundraiser at the moment has raised a fantastic $5,700. Can anyone beat that ???
To help you in your fundraising, raffle tickets are now available. (CFN 13028) Please send your requests for tickets to contact@canoeclassic.asn.au and provide your name and mailing address
The tickets are available in books of 25 and please, only ask for the number of books that you feel you can sell. You can always ask for more.
If you are a member of a paddling club you could perhaps ask the club to take on the selling of the tickets  for you and your fellow paddlers in the event.
Tickets (used and unused) together with money must be handed in at START on the day of the event on Saturday 29th October.
The prizes in the raffle are:  
1st.   $2000 travel voucher for travel of your choice
2nd.   $500 Bunnings Gift Card
3rd.   $300 Myer Gift Card 

Alcohol and paddling safety don’t mix !

Even though most Saturday nights may be a time when you can enjoy a drink or two, the night of the Classic and Wisemans Dash is certainly  not one of them.

The safety of paddlers, volunteers and land-crews is paramount and we strongly urge everyone involved in the event to leave the booze at home (except for maybe a celebratory glass of champers at the FINISH.)

Land-crews should be aware that Police are active along the route between check-points and will be conducting random breath tests.

Roger Deane acknowledged by PaddleNSW

Our very own Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Race Controller, Roger Deane, has been recognised by PaddleNSW, who have nominated him for the prestigious “2015/16 PaddleNSW Volunteer of the Year Award”.

Roger works tirelessly throughout the year on behalf of the Classic and many other paddling activities and we wholeheartedly congratulate Roger on his nomination.

The award will be presented at the PNSW Annual Club Forum, incorporating the AGM and Annual Awards Presentation to be held at Chowder Bay on Saturday, 15th October 2016.

Good luck Roger !!

NSW Sports Physiotherapy Group - Nick Stepkovitch celebrates 36 years Classic involvement

This year 30 volunteer Sports Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Students will again support us by providing First Aid and Physio services throughout the Classic and Wisemans Dash.

Some of the Sports Physios have been supporting this event for over a 20 + year period. Leader of the group, Nick Stepkovitch, has notched up 36 years of service to paddlers in the Classic, any amazing effort!

These regulars have Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth Games and other International Australian team experience. This experience is now recognised as a unique learning sports coverage experience by the Australian Catholic University, who allow 12 of their undergraduate students the opportunity to participate under supervision, in order to fulfil part of their compulsory clinical learning experience in Sports Physiotherapy. Boston University also encourages their Health Science “study abroad” students to be involved in this unique experience when here during October.

Physiotherapy Students, who have participated since the early 1990’s, have come from Sydney, Newcastle, Griffith, AC & Macquarie Universities [AUS] -Fontys, Saxion, Tim Van der Laan, [NED] – Boston, George Washington and various other Universities [USA]

In 1980, Nick Stepkovitch first supported this event as co-ordinator of a Red Cross First Aid team. While still a student physiotherapist, he recognised the need for optimal musculoskeletal management of the injuries and types encountered in this event.

By documenting and analysing the injury data, the way was paved to  identify  and introduce  appropriate physiotherapy services for this event. This was done at the first opportunity through the early days of the NSW Sports Physiotherapy Group, now Sports Physiotherapy Australia.

There has been a focus and ongoing research into more efficient and effective management of “upper limb over-use syndrome” with presentations delivered at various conferences/meetings and symposia since 1988 and published medical research.

Extended Care Paramedic trainees from the NSW Ambulance Service have also taken part in this exercise. This has led to the development of evidence based, effective intervention & prevention strategies that not only prove its value at this event but also translates into the broader community with most conditions involving the upper limbs and thoracic spine.

Special recognition must go to APA Sports Physiotherapists, Tyron Low with 26 years, Catriona Croghan 22 years and Rosemary Riley with 12 years involvement. They have provided invaluable & ongoing professional support on multiple levels.

The team will be able to provide consistent, proven prevention and intervention at this event to strive to enable all competitors to  benefit and to go home in an optimal physical state after participating in this unique endurance challenge.

Nick and his team at FINISH