Why not go that extra step and obtain sponsorship for yourself. Below are listed a few fruitful ways to raise funds.

  • Create your own Web Page.  
  • Offer something to your potential sponsors they can’t refuse! Maybe wear their merchandise, cover your boats in the company’s colours etc.
  • Mail or email your family, friends, relatives, workmates to sponsor you at an agreed rate per kilometre for the 111km duration. Ask them to donate online or send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for them to return mail their support.
  • Ask if your employer will match the sponsorship you raise. They may also agree to allow you to utilise their facilities (copier, printing, etc) to promote your involvement in the event. Many corporates have a policy of being involved in their employee's fundraising efforts.
  • Run a “guess my time” competition.
  • Organise a Special Events such as trivia night.
  • Organise social activities such as a golf day, talent show, pool party or murder/mystery party.
  •  Sell raffle tickets.
  • Who doesnt like chocolate! Cadbury offer a range of fundraising products and they make it easy for you to get started.
  • Bunnings offer the sausage sizzle to local organisations for their fundraising efforts. A great way to raise funds and promote your local paddling club.
  • Make sure you thank your sponsors after the race – it’s the best way to get them for next year.
  • Matched Funding - Many companies have a matched funding program whereby they will match dollar-for-dollar the amount you raise.  Even if there is currently no such program in place, they could be more than willing to make a donation and support their employees supporting a good cause.  All you have to do is ask!
  • Poster for your work place. Sponsorship Poster

Credit card facilities are available for payment of sponsorships.