Race Classes

The age cut-off date is Race Day - 29th October 2016


To enter a junior class, the paddler must be at least 15 years on the race day and under 18 years on the age cut-off date.


To enter the 40+ veteran class, the paddler must be over the age of 40 years before the age cut-off date.

To enter the 50+ veteran class, the paddler must be over the age of 50 years before the age cut-off date.

To enter the 60+ veteran class, the paddler must be over the age of 60 years before the age cut-off date.

To enter the 70+ veteran class, the paddler must be over the age of 70 years before the age cut-off date.

To enter a Veteran Class you must enter your date of birth with your entry.

Class Age Table

Junior Born between  29/10/1998 & 29/10/2001
Open Born Before 29/10/1998
V40+ Born Before 29/10/1976
V50+ Born Before 29/10/1966
V60+ Born Before 29/10/1956
V70+ Born Before 29/10/1946


To enter an open class, the paddler must be over the age of 18 years on the age cut-off date

If different age groups paddle in the one craft, the craft must enter in the lowest age group class or the open class. For example, Vet +50 and Vet +40 paddlers in the one craft can enter the Vet +40 or Open Class.


A mixed craft with an even number of paddlers must have an equal number of paddlers of each gender in the craft. A mixed craft with an odd number of paddlers must have the number of female paddlers equal to the number of male paddlers plus or minus 1. For example, a mixed craft of two or three persons must comprise at least one paddler of each gender in the craft. A mixed four person class must have two male and two female paddlers.

Constituted classes

A constituted class shall consist of a minimum of three craft that start. Only constituted classes are eligible for trophies. 

There are NO constituted classes in the Wisemans Dash.

Brooklyn or Bust (BB1 & BB2)

This is a non-competitive class. Handicap results are not calculated and paddlers in this class are not eligible for any time-based trophies or records.

This class is for paddlers who do not want to be competitive. Any type of canoe can enter in this class. Paddlers in the Brooklyn or Bust class start at 4:15 pm for single paddlers (BB1), and 4:45pm for doubles, triples and quads (BB2), getting a head-start on other faster craft.
The Brooklyn or Bust class is aimed at those who are happy to just finish. Paddlers in the class are rewarded with a medallion and a certifcate at the finish but this class is not eligible for any ribbons, trophies, records or time-based team events.
You are not permitted to change into this class on the day of the event.

Competitive Classes include:

Touring Canoes

  • TC1, TC2 and TC4

Racing Canoes

  • C1, C2 and C4

Touring Kayaks

  • TK1 and TK2

Racing Kayaks

  • K1, K2 and K4

SLSA Surf Skis

  • SSK1 and SSK2

Wildwater Kayaks (Down River Racer) DRR

Kayaks that are not specifically designed to meet the ICF or ACF specifications for the “racing” and “touring” classes or the Surf Ski classes, will be classifed as Recreational, Ocean Racing or Unrestricted.

Recreational Kayaks

  • SRec1, MRec1, LRec1, Rec2 and LRec2


  • Out1, Out2 and Out6

Ocean Racing Skis

  • ORS1

ICF advises an ocean racing ski “is a long, narrow, lightweight kayak with an open (sit-on-top) cockpit, usually with a foot pedal- controlled rudder. They are generally 5-6.5m long and just 40-50cm wide.”

Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • SUP1

There are no specifications for stand up paddle boards.


  • UN1 and UN2

This unrestricted class is for craft which do not met the requirements of other classes. Any craft will be permitted, provided it meets safety requirements and:

  •  the paddlers are facing forward
  • the craft is powered by hand held paddles only. 


All paddlers in racing classes will be eligible to obtain a class record in the class nominated on their entry form. Fastest times will be recognised for all divisions of classes regardless of the number of starters. The full 111 km distance must be completed to be eligible for class records.