Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Entry 

A separate entry is required for each paddler. Multiple entries are required where there are multiple paddlers in one craft.

Entries must be received on or before 5pm on Friday, 1st October 2016. Entries must be completed and paid for before close of entries. Entries may close earlier if the maximum number of craft (450) is reached.

No entry will be accepted without payment of the entry fee. 

If you are claiming a Concession  entry fee,  a copy of your Pension Card or Student Concession Card must be forwarded to the Entries Coordinator (entries@canoeclassic.asn.au)

Late Entries

If, at the close of entries there are less than 450 craft entered, late entries will be accepted at the Event Coordinator’s discretion provided they are accompanied by an entry fee of $200 per paddler.

Under no circumstances will any entries be accepted after 5pm on Friday, 14th October 2016.

Change of Class

Any requested changes to classes after 5pm on Friday 14th October 2016 will require a $20 donation.


Entry may be cancelled up to close of entries 5pm on Friday, 7th October 2016. To confirm cancellation you will be required to email entries@caneoclassic.asn.au by 5pm on Friday, 7th  October 2016

 Should the event have to be cancelled for any reason, the organisers will endeavour to reschedule the event.

Refund Policy
A refund will be issued (less an administration fee of $25) for cancellations received by 5pm on Friday, 7th October 2016.
There are no refunds for cancellations after the close of entries.
No Refund for Sponsorship Payments
We are not able to refund any pre-paid, tax deductable, sponsorship donations. 
Entries are non-transferable

A new entry is required if an entrant withdraws from a multi-paddler craft.

Outstanding Debts

Entry will not be accepted if the previous year’s sponsorship is outstanding or you have outstanding receipt books or race books from previous years.